We've been in business for over 15 years. We were the first ones on the natural cosmetic scene and we continue to innovate and create.

Gourmet Body Treats is still a small family business. We've moved out of a home kitchen into a commercial work space and work with local growers to source many of our ingredients. 

Every product is 100% vegan, never tested on animals, and has no negative environmental impact. 100% of the proceeds will go toward Ending Animal Testing in the USA.


Dedicated to the same principles SINCE 1996!

1. Always be natural and organic. That means knowing sources for ingredients down to the farm.

2. Always source ingredients from local farmers whenever possible.

We work with small family farms, and the majority of our ingredients come from Texas. We visit our farms regularly, and have a great relationship with them! That means ingredients are fresher & the product is better as a result. Many of them can’t afford the USDA Organic Certification, and our packaging reflects that, but please know that all of our ingredients are the highest quality available!

3. Always remain vegan, and never test on animals. Not everyone who works for us is vegan, but a love of animals is a requirement.

With that said, although things like honey, and certain colors derived from beetle shells are great, we don’t use them. There are billions of plant types in the world, and all of them has a purpose. Why use an ingredient that might hurt an animal or bug when you don’t have to!

In addition to this we never test on animals. “Volunteer” is one of our most prized positions here at Gourmet Body Treats, and we have people clamoring for a chance to try our newest products!

4. Always consider the Earth. From our manufacturing facility to our retail locations. Green is good! We use glass, or BPA-FREE plastics, that are all recyclable, and encourage our customers to send their bottle back to us, to be sterilized and recycled.

5. Always treat our customers like family, because we’re a family owned business. Our goal is to convey to you how much we care about what we do, and for you to be a part of it. While we can’t always get to the phone, we will always answer your emails.

We’re a small company (about 12 people work here year round), so please be patient with us!