What Are We Doing

Our business values revolve around providing safe, ethical cosmetics to our customers.

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Fair Trade
  • 70% local
  • 90% domestic

These are the principles are were founded on, but we are starting a new era. Moving away from passively representing these goals and now actively pursuing the these values in our society.

We have dropped the ball. It’s our responsibility as consumers to actively work to see our values in the world. If you believe that then join us!


  1. Create a movement whose goal is legislation to end the testing of cosmetics on animals.
  2. Fight for regulation of the cosmetics industry to curb the use of know toxic substances commonly used in today’s cosmetics.
  3. Raise awareness among people of all ages and walks of life about the risks of chemicals in cosmetics, and the role they play in animal testing.
  4. Fight the rising occurrence of asbestos and lead in cheaply made cosmetics brands, targeted at children and teens.

First Steps

Our fight to get intelligent cosmetics and personal care legislation won’t happen vacuum. We are going to depend on inspired and hard working people to help educate, table, and help in the building of a global coalition.

Profit Based Philanthropic Endeavor

Our values gave birth to Gourmet Body Treats, but a family history in entrepreneurship  made it thrive. Today we manufacture products for several of the brightest ethics based brands on the market today. Our goal is to take all of our profits, and apply them towards a worthy cause. Our first goal is one of the core reasons our business was founded. A cruelty free option to mainstream cosmetics.


  1. Initial Marketing Push

    1. We need to rebrand GBT and let all our new and old customers know  our new identity as a company.
    2. Raise awareness about our cause.
    3. Build a coalition of organizations with aligning values .
  2. Aggressively Pursue our Agenda

    1. We will start immediately reaching out to political campaigns and candidates to find their position on Anti-Testing Legislation.
      1. Release a guide state by state and grade it’s federal candidates.
      2. Focus on a candidate or hot political contests our constituents should follow.
      3. Publish a weekly guide and newsletter regarding our progress in contacting political figures.
    2. Court celebrities to promote our push to fix this injustice.
    3. Press releases regarding communications with local and national news outlets.
  3. Seek Assistance from Success

    1. We will seek out those international communities that have worked with the cosmetics industries to end these practices and succeeded.