Green & Natural

 By using natural, biodegradable plant ingredients in our products we are reducing the amount of synthetic chemicals in our our soil, water and food. We feel natural products are not only better for your skin and health, but also better for the environment.

We never use any genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs. We also completely avoid synthetic preservatives, petroleum, and artificial dyes.

In an effort to protect our environment, we package our products in glass or recyclable plastic containers. We encourage our customers to send old containers back to us for reuse or recycling. All of our boxes and labels are made from a minimum of 60% post consumer waste paper and/or paper harvested from sustainable forests. We also reuse all packaging we receive and recycle everything we can’t reuse.

We use local, organic farmers whenever possible. When we can’t get an ingredient locally, we go directly to the grower, to ensure quality, and to ensure the ingredient is produced ethically!

We're a small business. We work very hard to stay that way! It seems counter productive, but we believe a smaller business means a smaller carbon footprint. It means we use less resources. That’s good for the planet!


How can we do Better

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