We've been against animal testing since we started this company 15 years ago and while many companies don't test their products on animals it's still legal to torture animals in the name of science.

We're tired of it and want it to end so here goes our plan.

One way to show your support by signing and sharing the Care 2 petition urging Congress to pass the Humane Cosmetics Act.

Gourmet Body Treats will now start giving 100% of profits to campaign and lobby to pass legislation to End Animal Testing here in the USA.

This is phase 1 of our master plan to End Animal testing in Cosmetics in the USA. We're going to start by supporting legislation that has already been introduced, we save time by not having to create  new one. We need to show congress that bill HR 2790 has the support of the public, with enough support we can get this bill reintroduced and get the votes needed to keep it alive and viable. This is a long road filled with many more petitions, phone calls letters and plain old hard work and tears but we believe in it and want all off you to be a part of this quest. Lets work together to end the suffering of millions of animals who are needlessly tortured and killed to test cosmetics in the U.S. and maybe one day the world.