Six Tips for Dry Skin

Mar 06 2015 Tags: Beauty Tips

Even in March it can feel like winter will never end, and we're all tired of dry, flaky skin. Luckily, there are a few simple solutions to your wintry woes. Check out this list of our top six tips for beating dry skin:
1. Use gentle cleansers. Antibacterial and deodorant cleansers can irritate skin, especially in the dry winter months when skin is sensitive. Steering clear of products with fragrance and alcohol will also help skin stay supple. 

2. Naturally, part of keeping skin moisturized is to use the right moisturizer. the American Academy of Dermatology suggests avoiding lotion, opting, instead, for "a cream or ointment that contains ... olive oil or jojoba oil. Shea butter also works well."

3. Stay warm, but avoid direct heat-sources. The fire can be delightful, but that hot, dry air can be a nightmare for dry, sensitive skin.

4. Hydrate! From the outside, that is. While drinking lots of water is great for your health, Dr. Donna Pellowski of University of Arkansas for Medical Science says, "A normally hydrated person probably won't see a difference in their skin after consuming an increased volume of water." Instead, try a humidifier and be sure to use moisturizers right after bathing to lock moisture in.

5. With humidifiers in mind, it may defy logic that a hot, steamy shower can actually dry skin out. Opt for shorter, warm showers over piping hot ones. Keeping the door closed will increase the humidity in the room, acting as a small humidifier for extra moisture, and patting yourself dry.

6. Dress for the weather. Protecting again cold, dry air as well as sun damage will help your skin retain moisture. And while it's not the first thing that comes to mind in skin care, consider your detergents and fabric choices, which can be irritating to skin.

If you're in the market for a moisturizer, check out Gourmet Body Treats' Bio Hydrating Rose Cream, which uses rose otto and shea butter to heal and rejuvenate skin.

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