Palm Oil Free

Dec 02 2014 Tags: GBT News, Ingredient Info

We've gotten a lot of questions about the use of palm oil. As a small company, we don't need a board or a certain amount of votes to get something changed around here, so when we realized the damage using palm oil was causing we immediately stopped using it. When I say immediately, I mean the same day we found out it was causing so much destruction we stopped using it and started the process below. Step 1 - Remove all products containing Palm oil from our website. Step 2 - Inform all our wholesale accounts that all products containing Palm oil would be in reformulation and the original formulas would no longer be available for sale. Step 3 - Use remaining Palm oil to grease molds, shine floors, etc. Step 4 - Reformulate and test all products containing palm oil. Step 5 - Design and print new labels for newly reformulated products. Step 6 - Send mass email to all of our current customers letting them know what products were reformulated and why. Step 7 - Add newly formulated products to website.  Why did we do this: We did this because we really want to make difference. Believe me, I would love to sleep in and work less but I believe that what we do matters. I believe that the products we create can make a difference. The Destruction Palm Oil creates: The production of palm oil is destroying the natural habitat of many endangered species, including orangutans. Not only is the Earth being destroyed in the process, but the animals that live nearby are being slaughtered. Those that survive the destruction of their homes die of starvation. Many alternatives to palm oil exist and we believe that consumers will push for planet and animal friendly choices.

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