Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts.  It is a good source of fat, being one of only a handful of fruits that are naturally high in good fat. Our coconut oil is expeller pressed meaning no chemicals are used to extract the oil from the coconut yielding a raw naturally rich oil high in fat, Vitamin E, capric acid and lauric acid. The beauty benefits of raw coconut oil are numerous. Lauric acid is converted by your body into monolaurin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-protozoa properties. Coconut oil is also a great hydrator for both skin and hair. It prevents water loss from skin and prevents protein loss from hair, allowing your body to keep what it needs to stay healthy. It is also fast absorbing so it is consumed by your body quickly without leaving a heavy layer on top of your skin or hair. Coconut oil can be used in the bath as a bath oil or as an after bath body oil. It can be used after overexposure to sun or chlorine to rehydrate your skin and hair. It is also a great deep conditioning treatment for stressed damaged hair when left on for 20-30 minutes or a daily leave in conditioner when applied sparingly. So go ahead and add coconut oil to your daily beauty regimen.