Get a Natural Glow

Dec 02 2014 Tags: Beauty Tips

Although the sun is necessary for life on earth, overexposure can increase your chances of premature aging and increase your risks of skin damage. The fastest way to give your skin a sun kissed glow is with the use of bronzers.  They don’t stain the skin and wash off easily with soap and water. Choosing the right type of bronzer is the most important part finishing the perfect look. For dry skin choose a liquid or cream based bronzer. For oily skin choose a powder; mineral based bronzers are great for oily skin that is also sensitive. Proper application is a must! Choose a color that is 1-2 shades darker than your current skin color. If you go more than 2 shades darker, it will look orange and unnatural. Apply a light layer to the highest points on your face that normally get tanned by the sun. The picture below shows where the bronzer should be applied. Remember less is more so start with a light touch and gradually layer and increase your surface area. Now go out and enjoy your tan looking skin without any over exposure to the sun!    


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