How long an order takes to ship

Dec 02 2014 Tags: GBT News

We get a lot of questions about how long an order takes to ship, so I've made an outline of what goes on behind the scenes when processing your order, so here it goes. Example: We receive your order on August 23rd at 2 pm. Our cut off for same day processing is 12 pm, making this order an August 26th order (weekends aren't included in our processing time). This order will get shipped no later than August 29th stopping the processing time at the 4th business day. So the days we work on an order is what we call our processing time. During this time, we may be doing all or most of the things below: 1) formulating out of stock products, so your products are as fresh as possible 2) bottling full size products, or make samples 3) label each product and sample 4) enter each order to our POS software and create an invoice -- which gets handed to shipping 5) shipping then packs & weighs your order 6) once that is done, we enter each customer into the USPS software and print the shipping label. Last step is sealing the box for our USPS driver. The above is the cliff notes version - we answer phone calls and respond to emails in between The transit time is not as complicated. Once the USPS driver picks up the order, that is what we refer to as the transit time. If it takes us 4 business days to make and ship your freshly crafted beauty products, it may also be in transit 3 business day for US orders. International orders can take up to 21 days in transit. USPS does not make any deliveries on Sundays or Holidays (even if they are mid-week). So it can take up to 7 business days for you to receive your order, not including federal holidays which will extend the delivery time. If you need your order by a guaranteed date, please call us the same day your order is placed to make sure we can accommodate you. Some days we will be able to expedite your order, but if we're overloaded with orders we won't be able to expedite your order. We apologize for the inconvenience. We're always trying to improve the way things are done but the most important thing to us is that you receive your products fresh. Let us know how we're doing.

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