Benefits of cuticle oil

Dec 02 2014 Tags: Beauty Tips

Everyone wants beautiful hands but most of what we do causes dryness and other types of damage to our hands and nails. Overexposure to water, cold weather, sharp misused tools and harsh chemicals can all cause dry cuticles and premature aging of the nails. The easiest way to keep your nails looking beautiful while preventing further damage is to apply a daily cuticle oil. Choose a cuticle oil rich in jojoba oil which is similar to the skin’s naturally occurring sebum allowing it to penetrate into deeper skin layers than most other oils. Certain oils such as neem oil can also treat infections and help heal the skin, this is a great ingredient for severely dry cracked cuticles. Also, stay away from cuticle cutters or cuticle scissors, cutting the cuticle with sharp instruments can cause serious damage to your nails. Some of the effects of this damage could be deformed nail growth, nail ridges, bacterial and fungal infections. Keeping your cuticles soft and hydrated will allow your cuticles to do what they are meant to do. They will be able to protect your nail bed, allowing your nails to grow longer and stronger.  Nourished hydrated cuticles will also prevent any bacteria from entering the cuticle area, becoming your first defense against fungal or bacterial infections. Apply daily before bed , allowing the oil to penetrate the deeper layers in your nails and hands overnight.

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