Kaylins Kit Review

Dec 02 2014 Tags: Product Reviews

If you want to give your blush some staying power, it's best to add some layers. A makeup artist friend of mine recommended using cream blushes under powders, which is a great technique for long-lasting bridal makeup. However, most natural cream blushes use beeswax or carmine. Gourmet Body Treats Whipped Mousse Blush is a rare gem both for its great vegan ingredients as well as its light, fluffy texture. Pros:
  • Nice, light mousse texture
  • A little goes a long way
  • Easy to apply
  • Cream formulation suitable for vegans (no beeswax)
  • Versatile, matte finish
  • Needs primer and/or powder for staying power
Summary: Gourmet Body Treats Whipped Mousse Blush is a nice creamy vegan blush. Although it has a fairly limited color range, the two options should suit most skin types. A powder blush in a different color can be layered on top if desired to change the hue. The $29 price tag is a little high, but one jar will last a long time. I recommend blending the blush fairly quickly, as it dries quickly on the skin. Also, this blush is highly-pigmented color, so start light and add more if desired. Layer over primer or top with powder blush if you want it to last all day. If I were to improve this blush, I'd recommend adding another shade or two and I'd love to see it in more retail stores. However, it's a great whipped blush and it's clear that Gourmet Body Treats has cornered the market on creamy vegan blushes. Product Ratings (out of 5)

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