Product review – Organic keratin leave in conditioner

Dec 02 2014 Tags: Product Reviews

Lately we've been getting lots of questions about the Gourmet Body Treats Organic Keratin Leave in Conditioner so I thought I would write a small review on the product. It's one of my favorite products mainly because my long wavy hair can get a bit out of control and dry at times. So here are the benefits and uses for this great product. What it does The main ingredient of this product is a versatile vegan protein that actually binds to the broken pieces in the hair strand. This protects the hair from further breakage and makes it feel thicker and look shiny.  It adds extra protection that stays on strands as you heat style or become exposed to wind or heat. It also does double duty acting as a styling product providing a light hold because of the gel form it is in. Great for getting rid of frizzy hair, adding volume and managing curls. What it doesn't do It doesn't coat the hair in plastic or heavy oils so it won't weigh down hair. How to Use it Spray the desired amount onto hair after you shampoo. It can be applied directly onto the hair or onto the palm of your hand and evenly spread throughout your hair strands. You can also use it in between hair washes to freshen up your style and revitalize your hair.

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